A Carnal Christmas

Custom farmer Joe Remke once thought he would never be happy again. Fortunately, Ariel Jane Pender and Brent Andersen had other ideas, and now the three of them are building a farmhouse—and a future—together. Toss in the occasional orgy with Hake and Mandy Stivers, and life just doesn’t get any better.

Or so Joe tells himself when his darkest fears whisper to him at night, urging him to leave while he can still survive on his own.

But it may already be too late—Mandy and Hake are coming for the holidays, and they’ve got a lot more than visions of sugar plums and noncon role-play dancing in their heads. The bombshell they’re about to drop could put an end to Joe…

Or give him the faith he needs to stay forever.

Reader Advisory:

This book contains boys on boys, girls on girls, ménage, noncon-roleplaying, D/s and most everything you love about Robin L. Rotham books.


» Excerpt «


Even more out of sorts now, Joe dug his hands into his pockets and trudged on, hunching his shoulders against the wind. Just as he reached the end of the drive, Brent pulled in and rolled down his window.

“A little bit of housework and you’re already running away from home?” he teased.

“She didn’t need me anymore,” Joe grumbled without slowing down. “Besides, I need some exercise.”

When he turned onto the finer gravel along the edge of the road, he heard the diesel engine clatter to a halt and the pickup door slam, followed by the sound of boots coming up behind him. With anyone else, he would have tensed, but as Brent caught up and matched his stride without a word, Joe began to unwind a little. Brent knew better than to push. He just tried to be there whenever Joe was ready to talk. In some ways it made him feel vulnerable that someone knew him that well, but it felt good, too—like if he stroked out tomorrow and couldn’t make his wishes known, there’d be someone to stand up and say ‘Pull the plug on him. He wouldn’t want to live this way.’

His feet picked up speed. Pull the plug. Christ, AJ and her health watch were really getting to him if he was thinking like that.

“Hey.” Brent’s hand hooked into his elbow and pulled him to a stop. When Joe looked at him, Brent bracketed Joe’s neck with both hands, which were as warm as his brown eyes when he said, “It’s okay, Joe. Whatever’s got you running like your tail’s on fire, it’s okay.”

Joe drew in a breath and then exhaled a long draft of steam, nodding. Trust Brent to get right to the heart of things. “I know. I know. This all just…takes some getting used to, you know?”

“I do.” Brent’s thumbs stroked the scruff on Joe’s jaw. “We’re asking a lot of you right now and I’m expecting some pushback, but just don’t take off, okay? If you need some space, say so, but don’t take off. Whatever you need, we’ll work it out.”

Brent pulled him in for a kiss and Joe didn’t offer any pushback at all. Instead he slid his arms under Brent’s open jacket and around his lean waist, savoring not just the press of cool lips and the scrape of stubbled chin against his, but the fact that Brent felt secure enough to do this out in the open. Loved him enough. Brent was his anchor, and without him, Joe’s life would be totally fucked right now.

When Brent’s tongue teased the seam of his lips, Joe opened with a grunt, tightening his arms until he could feel Brent’s cock stirring against his own. It was moments like this he was truly at peace with settling down in the country, miles from anyone who’d notice or care that two farmers were making out on the side of the road.

Between the turbulence of the wind and the drumbeat of arousal in his ears, Joe didn’t hear the approaching vehicle until it honked. Shit, had the mail come yet? He might enjoy making out with another man on the side of the road but he didn’t really want to give the elderly mail carrier a heart attack doing it.

He broke away from Brent, his heart pounding and a blush roaring up his neck into his cheeks. When he saw the pickup, he slumped in relief—their company had arrived. He could see Mandy slurping them up with her eyes while Hake just grinned at them through the open driver’s window.

“Starting without us?” he asked.


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