Carnal Harvest

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Recommended Read!!! CARNAL HARVEST is scorching hot. If you like you them hot and sticky then you cannot go past this book. Carnal Harvest was a lovely surprise that delivered more than just a hot roll in the hay. -- Rachel C, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Hearts!!! CARNAL HARVEST is a scorching delight of a story that delivers a solid plot that pushes the boundaries with an emotional and physical intensity that is sure to leave the reader slightly off balance. A story that shouldn’t be missed! -- Shannon, The Romance Studio

5 Pixies!!! CARNAL HARVEST is a feast for the sexual senses plus a darn good read! -- Sandi, Dark Angel Reviews

5 Bookmarks!!! I absolutely LOVED this book! If fantasy could play out, I could see it actually playing out like this. I actually went back and read the story twice it was so good. -- Daria, Wild On Books

5 Stars!!! CARNAL HARVEST is a whopping juicy, tree-ripened peach of a story just begging to be picked. -- Keely, Ecataromance

» Excerpt «

“I’m glad you decided to cooperate, little lady,” Brent drawled, stalking toward her.

If he didn’t look so threatening, Mandy would have giggled. Brent might have been from Kansas, but he didn’t usually sound like he’d stepped out of an episode of Gunsmoke.

“And we’ll start lookin’ for the loot…” He unbuttoned his navy flannel shirt while he ran brazen eyes over her body. “Just as soon as me ‘n Joe have had ourselves a little fun. Now take off that shirt, and be quick about it. I want to see those tits you’ve been jigglin’ in my face for the last couple of weeks.”

Her cheeks began to burn. God, hopefully she hadn’t been that obvious. He was just making stuff up…wasn’t he?

“I won’t,” she said, sticking out her chin to make up for her wimpy tone.

His eyes flashed as he undid the last button and shrugged out of the flannel, dropping it on the floor beside him. The way his black tee shirt stretched over his chest and biceps made her mouth water.

“Do it, or Joe here will do nasty things to that bum leg of his.”

“Don’t do it, Mandy,” Hake told her. “I’m not worth it.”

Oh God, she was going to faint with excitement.

Swallowing hard, she reached for hem of her sweater. “I have to, Hake. I can’t let them hurt you.”

“Yes, you can,” he said urgently as Brent stepped closer to her. “Now run, Mandy! Run!”

Brent made a grab for her and Mandy leaped back with a scream. Ducking as he reached for her again, she whirled and ran through the entry into the dining room. It all felt so real, her heart was going to hammer right out of her chest.

He caught her by a fistful of sweater and she fell backward, landing on her ass at his feet.

“We been watching you for weeks,” he snarled, wrapping her hair around his fingers and pulling her head back to stare into her face. “You like it a little rough, don’t you, sweetheart?”


“Don’t give me that shit,” he said. “I’ve seen you. Do you like that, knowing I stood outside your bedroom window and jacked off while he pounded you with a dildo?”

Heat blasted into her face again. Damn it, what the hell had Hake been telling them? Brent couldn’t have watched—their bedroom was on the second floor.

“You did not!”

“Think again,” he told her with obvious relish. “That antenna tower comes in real handy when I’m in the mood for a private showing on your deck.”

His smirk made Mandy grind her teeth. “You are such an asshole!”

“Ah, thanks for reminding me,” he drawled, letting his gaze slide down her front to her crotch. “You like it there, too, I know. Don’t let me forget to fuck her asshole, Joe.”

Mandy screeched in unfeigned outrage. She tried to jerk away from him, but his fingers held her hair tightly enough to bring tears to her eyes.

“You haven’t had any real fucking since Evel Knievel here crashed his ATV, have you?” he said with mock sympathy as he trailed a finger down her cheek. “I’m sure your sweet little ass will appreciate a good reaming.”

She whimpered “No!” even as desperate need made the crotch of her panties slick. Ashamed at being so turned on, she let her eyes slide to Hake.

Ooh, he looked pissed off and horny, a dangerous combination for him.

When Brent’s free hand slid down her neck and dived into her bra, she jerked her gaze back to him. “Don’t touch me, you bastard!”

“What? You mean like this?” He rubbed his callused palm over her naked breast and all she could do was moan in ecstasy.

“That’s what I thought.”