Alien Overnight

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5 Hearts! Alien Overnight was an amazing, fun and enchanting book. I simply loved the characters. The plot was seamless, without a single bump in the story. Ms. Rotham did a wonderful job. ~Marcy Arbitman, The Romance Studio

5 Angels! Talk about a fun time! Robin L. Rotham has created a gem for those who are interested in futuristic plots that include an impressive amount of carnality told in a manner that will definitely make you sweat. ~Rachelle, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Stars! Alien Overnight is hot from page 1 on and just gets hotter. If you crave some spicy, smokin' hot love scenes and a book you just can't put down then this is the one for you. ~Michelle, Joyfully Reviewed

Ecataromance says, “Alien Overnight is quirky read that has you laughing in one breath and panting in another. Without a doubt a great addition to the futuristic erotic genre. I look forward to more of Robin Rotham's work. She is definitely someone to watch for.”

Get a copy of ALIEN OVERNIGHT. After all, haven’t you been looking for another author to add to your favorites? ~Lori Ann, RRTErotic


» Excerpt «

“You bastard!” Monica cried as Kellen stood up, the aborted orgasm tickling her innards like a backed-up sneeze. “You’re inhuman.”

She almost came when Shauss tugged his finger free of her. Almost.

Damn it!

“I suppose I can’t argue with that,” Kellen grinned in her face.

“I suppose you know I’m going to lay you out when you turn me loose,” she blustered, furious to have let them take her so far out of herself again.

“I look forward to it,” was his smug rejoinder. “But first things first. I believe punishment should always come before reward, and you’re due quite a spanking.”

“What!” Her eyes bulged. “Like leaving me hanging like this, literally, isn’t punishment enough?”

“Oh, not nearly enough,” Shauss purred.

“You guys are just twisted.”

“Objection noted. Now, Monica, listen to me very carefully,” Kellen advised. “When I release your restraints, you will go directly to that chair and lean over the back. If you refuse to cooperate, you’ll be restrained for the punishment, as well. Do you understand?”

She glared at him.

“Yes, Master,” she sneered. He looked inordinately pleased at her response and Monica had to roll her eyes. “I was being sarcastic, Einstein.”


“Hey, that’s not swearing!”

“It was an insult, just the same.”

“I called him the most brilliant man in history!”

“Implying exactly the opposite.”

“Shauss, you’d better watch your back,” she threatened in her most dangerous tone, “because I’m never going to forget this.”

Her restraints were released abruptly and she crumpled into an undignified heap on the floor. “Thanks for the warning, asshole,” she muttered, swatting away Kellen’s helpful hands and climbing awkwardly to her feet. The long confinement had left her joints stiff, her fingers numb.

“I’ll let that one slide, since we didn’t catch you,” Shauss conceded.

“Thanks for nothing.”

Anxious to get it over with, Monica didn’t even bother trying to get away, but marched right to the upholstered chair and leaned over the back. It was just high enough that when her head and elbows hit the seat, her toes left the floor.

“Well, get on with it,” she sighed into the odd, slithery fabric.

The first blow wasn’t what she expected. It landed immediately, sharp and painful, and she jumped, screeching, “Hey, watch it!”

The second was worse, this one on the other cheek, and she instinctively reached back to shield her rump, only to have Kellen grab her wrists and hold them with one hand in the small of her back. Refusing to act like a wimp, Monica bit her lip and took it, flinching but not making a sound as Shauss’ hard slaps rained down on her ass. Trying to tamp down her anger, she chanted silently with every strike, I stabbed Shauss, I deserve this, I stabbed Shauss…

When the count reached thirteen, her entire ass was on fire. At fifteen, she noticed the blaze was working its way down toward her thighs. At twenty, she inhaled sharply. The pads of his fingers landed in her wet, tender folds, evoking a starburst of sensation that she couldn’t quite decide was good or bad. Two more like that finally had her whimpering, though the jury was still out on the good-bad thing.

Shauss moved around to the side of the chair, and the resulting change to the angle of his next slap was enough to make her scream. His palm had landed right on the crease between her buttocks, his fingers on the lips below, and when he smacked her again, the reverberation through her swelling tissues was intolerable.

“You can’t do that!” she cried hoarsely, straightening her dangling legs and squeezing them together in an effort to head him off. Kellen’s fingers pinched her hamstring, and when her body jerked into a defensive curl, they slid around her thigh and pulled it out to the side, holding her wide open to the other man’s ruthless attentions.

“Who’s going to stop me?” Shauss growled.

He came at her again, two, three, four more direct strikes on her stinging clitoris, and she stiffened at the tightening knot of lust in her belly.

“Oh Jesus,” she choked. “Not like—”

His rhythm went into double-time, and then a wave of sensation more intense than anything they’d made her feel before sizzled through her body. It burst like thousands of rolling pinpricks under her skin, deep in her muscles, cascading outward from her belly  in a rush so incredibly dense she couldn’t even breathe, much less scream.
The jury was in and the verdict was disastrously, humiliatingly good.

* * * * *

“So it’s true then,” Kellen commented gruffly as he pulled her upright. He’d let her lie there for several minutes to catch her breath, but now it was his turn. And he wanted her fighting. He craved her fighting.

Shauss backed away and sank into the opposite chair, his hands shaking visibly as they lay over his tented pants. He let his head fall back against the upholstery, watching the two of them, his eyes glittering slits in his face. Kellen hadn’t mated in front of a witness since his ceremonial claiming of Dendriin nearly eighteen years in the past, the supposed breaching of an innocence she’d long since bestowed on another. That had been a mere formality, performed in the detached presence of their mothers, but this… The intently involved carnality of Shauss’ observation was truly electrifying.

“What’s true?” Monica asked languidly, using both hands to brush her hair back from her face.

“Earth girls are easy.”

His taunt landed with deadly accuracy as her eyes whipped to his, her jaw clenched and her cheeks reddened.

“I told you,” Shauss rumbled, amusement rife in his voice.

“Yes, you did,” Kellen grinned. “And here I thought your devotion to Terran cinema was such a waste of time.”

Monica’s gaze slid away, no doubt in an effort to shield her from his probing.

“A century’s worth of quality American films to choose from and you watched that one?” she sneered. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Shauss’ hand slide along the ridge of his erection with lazy frankness, no doubt for Monica’s benefit. The hiss of her indrawn breath almost made him laugh. The man was an absolute genius at riling her.

“The title suggested it was pertinent to our situation,” Shauss was saying. “Though I must confess I was disappointed by the lack of sexual content. If I’d known enough to look for an X rating in those days, I might not have watched it.”

“Why am I not surprised you’re into skin flicks?”

“How else are we to learn what pleases Terran females?”

“Oh please,” she snorted. “Those films are all geared to men’s tastes, not women’s. If you really want to know what women enjoy, read romance novels.”

Grasping her chin in his fingers, Kellen forced her attention back him.

“But we already know, don’t we? All it takes to make you come like there’s no tomorrow is a good spanking.” Encouraged by the tightening of her jaw, the increasing roughness of her breathing, he pushed harder, telling her in a silky voice, “Go on, Earth girl. Lie on the bed and spread your legs for me, and I’ll slap your tasty little cunt into another orgasm.”

She came out swinging.

“I am not easy,” she raged as her palm connected soundly with his jaw.

“How would you describe yourself, then?” he asked, savoring the heat of her palm print on his skin. “Wanton?”

Teeth bared, Monica smacked him again, her fingertips stinging his left ear.


This time she aimed higher, narrowly missing his eye with her fingernail.

Leaning over her, he growled, “Deviant?”

“You fucking bastard!” she screamed, launching herself at him. Kellen was ready for her.